My Story

Through a constant theme of loss and struggles with pregnancy, the last few years have been tough.  From the sudden loss of my adored father after a short and brutal 10 week battle with colon cancer, to the loss of my aunt just months later following an identical diagnosis and time frame when i was 27, to moving from my family home and making a drastic career change, to the loss of my 3 unborn babies each resulting in surgery following on from miscarriages and an (emergency) ectopic pregnancy and then our final goodbye to our precious 2 year old teddy-bear-guardian-angel cat at a predictably fragile time…all topped with life’s other little unplanned joys, such as an A&E trip for a slit open eyelid, the unexpected delight of the bailiff towing the car away (too kind) and delays to IVF following a last minute Hashimotos diagnosis (autoimmune thyroid disease)… things have not been easy and the journey is often lonely.

So here i am, blogging along from grief to greatness through wellness and inner healing; sharing these experiences whilst working out how to extract the best from life’s offerings and navigate my way along this path.