Meditation & Mindfulness

Through my journey of infertility and pregnancy loss, I’ve explored all kinds of wellness in the hope that I’ll find that missing link which my body responds well to and would miraculously result in conception and a full term, healthy pregnancy. This includes everything from reiki and yoga, to “earthing” through pottery and gardening, to diet changes including blood rich, vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic diets, alongside juicing…you name it, I’ve probably given it a go, but sadly to no avail. Then I learnt to breathe. One simple breath technique to calm panic during the height of my anxiety after the emergency surgery I had to remove my Fallopian tube and third pregnancy (ectopic and internal bleeding) and gradually, all the previous meditation techniques that I had been practicing over the last few years, along with my other interests, seem to have come together. I am not for a moment suggesting that mindfulness and meditation hold the answers to infertility – if only it were that easy – i am simply saying that for me, it has a place in this journey and has become a small lifeline when things have often felt unbearable.  Whilst I continue to learn and explore through reading, courses, group work and individual practice, I will endeavour to share this with you through my blog (search “Mindfulness” category) so as to keep me motivated and hopefully to inspire and help others through their own infertility and assisted conception battles.