The future is bright

I was wearing simple loose “boyfriend” jeans, rolled up at the ends, some kind of flat trainers and a plain navy blue jumper.  Our kitchen had old wooden flooring and my laptop was perched on the same kitchen table we have now, where I was working on something related to maternity Mindfulness for “Baby I Am… Continue reading The future is bright

Gaining through the loss

Maybe the best way to actually consolidate this is to bullet point it.  The message is clear.  The loss which lies at the core of my broken heart and soul, the loss that fills every day with emptiness, the loss that makes me feel inadequate, the loss that makes me lost, the loss that forever… Continue reading Gaining through the loss

The power of “I am…”

I am vulnerable, I am hurt, I am struggling, I am looking for answers, I am done with pain, but, I am great.  A wise lady recently taught me the power of “I Am”, in light of her own battles, and it fits perfectly with my own intentions.

I am blogging to share my journey from profound pain to greatness, and to use my experiences as a platform to become the best person I can be.  Life has thrown me around and knocked me down with grief, loss and fertility issues, and in doing so it has thrown me onto a new path and forced me to look deep within.

I will not be defined by my pain, but I am using it in the most positive way I can: I am working on my own deep connection, to understand myself, to understand circumstance, to re-connect with the universe and to become a better person every day.

No matter what, I am great.  We can all keep this affirmation close to our hearts.

Welcome to my journey.